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The Truth Behind What Employers Say And What They Really Mean

By EmploymentCrossing  |  Dated: 12-18-2013

Many a time after an interview or when you are seeking a feedback after an interview, the employer or the recruiter says something and you are unsure about what the answer is? Is it an acceptance, an endorsement of your qualities or is it saying that they are still unsure about whether to employ you?

More often than not, when you are getting an offer of employment, it will be a simple straightforward message, oral or written, saying that you are employed, these are your terms and this is what you are expected to do. Anything beyond that and you can safely and unhappily, assume that the employer is indulging in polite linguistics and telling you that you are not wanted and would you please go search for a job someplace else.

So many job-seekers find themselves being told that you are overqualified for the job. If taken verbatim, it means that you have much more than the qualifications needed and the job should be logically yours. But the employer is really telling you that you are not needed here and that with your qualifications you should be looking for a better job.

Another statement that they often use to tell whether you have been selected is that other potential candidates are still being interviewed. This simply means that you are not their first or automatic choice and they are either waiting for approval from their first choice candidate or they are just buying time to see if they can get someone worthier.

“We’ll call you back,” is a certainty that they won’t and that this job is as good as gone. If you ask them, when you can expect the call and should you enquire again. Ten times out of ten, they will respond with a, “no you don’t call us, we’ll call you,” which is further confirmation that you should looking for a job elsewhere and not pin your hopes on this one.

“We’ll keep you in our database,” is another false assurance upon which you must not rely. There are thousands of other potential employees and your name is likely to get lost among them. The only good that it will do, is for the company, who can forward their data base for some gain or the other to other companies on the lookout for potential employees.

When the employer says, we are keeping you in mind for future opportunities, what he is really saying that you are not right for any openings currently and the moment you hang up the phone is the last time I am likely to remember who you are.

Employers sugarcoat their rejections because of three prime reasons, one that is the way they have been trained to talk that way, they don’t want to hurt your feelings, considering that you must have been really looking forward to the job.

However and most importantly, an outright rejection will see a disappointed candidate demand answers and seek reasons for his rejection and he will make allegations of bias and prejudice and if the company is provoked into making irresponsible statements there could be legal complications.

It’s up to you how you see this masquerade on part of the employers and recruiters? You can call it a straight faced lie, indirect truth, hurtful, manipulative or insensitive but the truth is that many job seekers don’t take too kindly to outright rejection and employers indulge in this sort of language that masks their true intent and one should not take it to heart but move on and try to get that elusive job.

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